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**NEW RELEASE - Watcher of Worlds** & Give-a-way....

Need a GREAT new fantasy read this Christmas? Check out my friend Brinda's newest YA release, WATCHER OF WORLDS. This is one you don't want to pass up! Read the excerpt and blurb below then go 1-Click this book STAT!!!

Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway posted at the bottom of the page could win a Kindle and other great prizes just for following amazing authors and bloggers just like Brinda.

Watcher of Worlds
By Brinda Berry
Whispering Woods Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-941133-00-2

Senior year should bring fun, friends and happiness. Not portals, treachery, and murder.

Seventeen-year-old Mia Taylor, gatekeeper to an interdimensional portal, wants nothing more than to heal from her romance gone wrong. Illegally falling for her co-worker Regulus had been a huge mistake. But when Regulus goes rogue to hunt down a murderer, Mia must forget her broken heart and use her unique abilities to save him. Traveling across dimensions, she enters a strange and hostile world where a rebel faction holds the key to their escape. Her gift of synesthesia is in high demand, and a secret organization of the otherworldly kind has her in their sights. But sabotage and murder may be the least of her worries. Her ex-boyfriend wants a relationship. Her dad wants her to act normal. Her friends want her to stop moping. Who knew faking happy would be the easiest part of senior year?


Amazon  /  Barnes & Noble


I detested planned surprises.

I could read the expectation in the air from the shimmery orange vibe that glowed like a Cheetos binge gone bad.

A few months ago, my friends had discovered my secret. The secret I’d hidden so teachers and doctors wouldn’t treat me like an amped up sensory perception freak. So friends wouldn’t ask.

Synesthesia. The condition sounded like the name of an electronic punk band. I’d made the full round of emotions about my sensory perception and being able to find portals. First, I’d hid it like you hide an ugly rash. Later, I’d learned to trust my friends with my secret. I’d even embraced it.

Now, I was back to wishing for normal.

Working with Regulus and Arizona was like playing Pop Goes the Weasel—a surprise around every corner. And did I mention I hate surprises?

Give me predictable any day. Then I could be ready. It’s why I made sure I knew the contents of every box under the Christmas tree.



Brinda Berry is the author of The Waiting Booth (Whispering Woods #1),Whisper of Memory (Whispering Woods #2), and  Watcher of Worlds (Whispering Woods #3). She also contributed a short story to the anthology, Wild at Heart, Vol II.

Currently working in higher education administration, she spends her days thinking of ways to improve education for college students. Brinda spends her nights devising exciting tales that involve teens who might be saving the world.
Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Blog
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

My book, ABOVE PAR, is LIVE....

My sweet, New Adult romance is now LIVE on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Get your copy today!


Barnes & Noble:

Drew's life just got a whole lot harder. Her relationships are falling apart, her little sister is failing math, and her parents are leaving for Florida to take care of Grandpa. Now not only does she have to play surrogate parent, study to graduate from her last semester of college, and deal with the looming threat of full-on adulthood, she has to do it all while running the family's mini-golf course by herself. Even the upbeat Drew is starting to feel like she just drove her ball down the unfairway.

Her luck takes a turn when she meets Weston, the snarky geometry teacher. He's smart, capable, dependable, and handsome—a real hole in one. But even Weston has a few hazards of his own. Now Drew will have to decide whether his secret is the wedge that drives them apart, or pushes them together.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Add "ABOVE PAR" to your Goodreads List...

My new book, "ABOVE PAR" releases December 20th! You can now add it to your Goodreads To-Read list!

(Full description COMING SOON!)

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An "ABOVE PAR" Giveaway...

My sweet, romantic comedy, "ABOVE PAR" released December 20th with Etopia Press. To celebrate the launch I'm hosting An 'Above Par' Giveaway.


Together with 18 of my very generous author and blogger friends, we're giving away over 40 amazing prizes. There's everything from e-books, gift cards, and a Kindle E-Reader.

Enter now for your chance win using the Rafflecopter Form below! And don't forget you can Tweet about the giveaway daily for even more chances to WIN!

The contest runs from 12AM CST on 12/6/13 to 11:59 PM CST on 1/11/14 and is open to all US Residents 18 years or older.

Good luck!

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**Dear Author & Blogger Friends**...

Dear Friends,

I'm organizing a giveaway to help promote my upcoming book release, "ABOVE PAR". I'll be giving away a Kindle (Wi-Fi, 6" Display, ARV $69) but I'm also accepting prize donations.

15 different authors and bloggers have already generously contributed 37 different prizes. With all this great stuff up for grabs it should generate quite a bit of traffic and help to boost your fan base. Any and all donations are sincerely appreciated!

To be a part of this contest please click the link below.

Form Link:

Thanks in advance for your support. I look forward to working together to make this a success for everyone involved.

Crystal Donahue

P.S. Unable to contribute but still willing to help promote my release? I'd love to hear from you! You can email me at info(at)crystaldonahue(dot)com. Thanks!

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**Deck The Halls Holiday Giveaway**...

Enter the "Deck The Halls Author and Blogger Holiday Giveaway" now for your chance to win one of over 100 prizes donated by 40 different authors and bloggers. E-books, gift cards, and swag are up for grabs so don't miss out! To enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter Widget below:

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Good luck! Don't forget to spread the word!

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**COVER REVEAL for Lacey Wolfe**....

Have you seen this GORGEOUS new cover for Lacey Wolfe's upcoming release with Etopia Press, 'It Must Be Fate'? I love it! Mark your calendars, it is releasing November 15th so add it to your To-Read list STAT!

I was fortunate enough to snag an ARC of 'It Must Be Fate' from the author. Check out my 5 STAR review HERE.

Congrats Lacey and best wishes on your newest project!!

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**They Like Me, They REALLY Like Me**....

A big HUGE Thank You to everyone that has liked my Facebook Author Page... 800+ and going strong! I'm truly grateful for all the support and generosity I've received from you all. Maybe when I hit the 1,000 mark I'll throw together a little giveaway to show my gratitude! If you haven't liked it yet, please click the link and do so. It is one of the best ways to keep up to date on my current and upcoming book releases... plus I post the occasional funny picture or odd rambling too.

I really do love connecting with my fans and I'm always interested in making new friends. Stop by and let me know what you think of my books, what you're currently reading, what you're up to, or just to say hello! It makes my day more than you'll ever know!

Here are a few ways to connect with me.....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

**Easily Distracted**....

Well, the goal for the day was to study by butt off so that tonight I could write another chapter in my current Work In Progress (WIP).  Not only does writing help me de-stress, but I have a new idea for a possible series that I've been kicking around and in order to get started on that I need to first finish the book I'm currently writing. I don't even know how to describe what I'm working on at the moment, it's a New Adult Romance but beyond that I'm not sure how to explain it, perhaps my Beta Readers will be able to help me with that...and a title too since that's one of the hardest parts for me (next to coming up with character names). Maybe when I'm done I'll give you guys a sneak peek! ;-)

So how did my studying plan go? Not so well, in fact, it was pretty much a big fat fail on my part!

It wasn't entirely my fault though, it started out innocently enough. See, I noticed that the front brakes on my van are making a grinding noise which isn't good at all. So I went over and talked to my Grandpa about it, he called "his guy" (Grandpas ALWAYS know 'A Guy') and he's going to look at it tomorrow morning for me. This of course prompted me to go clean out my van cause it was littered with old receipts, half-drank water bottles, and take-out napkins.

Next thing I know I'm on this crazy cleaning kick. I suddenly NEEDED to sort through the stack of old newspapers and other random fliers on my counter, and those four loads of laundry that I've managed to live without for a couple weeks HAD to be washed NOW! What's a girl to do?

Okay, so I'm basically making excuses, but I seriously never intended to clean. The day just sort of got away from me. As I was finishing up one task I would notice something else that I was just going to do "real quick" and then it snowballed. So on the one hand my house is now a little cleaner and (thanks to the wonderful scent of my fabric softener) smells a little nicer, but on the other hand I now need to buckle down and study even harder the rest of the week.  Only 15 more days until my big licensing exam, so there's no time to waste...well, no MORE time to waste.

Needless to say, I will not be writing tonight. Instead I'm about to crack open the books and get busy reviewing all things nursing related. Wish me luck! Have a wonderful evening and read something fun for me since I'm stuck in studying limbo until further notice!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

**99¢ SALE** on YOU AND TEQUILA...

In case you missed the news, both the NOOK Book and Amazon Kindle e-book editions of my novel, YOU AND TEQUILA, are currently on sale for only 99¢.

So come FALL in love with Cassel Bailey and her friends in this contemporary romantic comedy. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wet your pants....err, okay, hopefully  not that last one but in case you do then hey, I don't judge! ☺

And don't forget to keep an eye out for my upcoming release with Etopia Press, 'ABOVE PAR'.

~~~~~~Check out these great ways to stay up to date on my current and upcoming book releases...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

**The Eye Unseen Giveaway**...

My very talented writing friend and critique partner, Cynthia Tottleben, is hosting a giveaway on Goodreads for her upcoming release with JournalStone, 'The Eye Unseen'.

I've had the pleasure of reading it as part of our writing group and I must say, it is soooo good! Stop over and enter to win 1 of 10 FREE copies today and add it to your TBR List STAT! Trust me, you won't be sorry you did!

Link to the Giveaway:

Monday, September 16, 2013

To Sequel or Not to Sequel, That is the Question...

I've been having an internal debate lately... When I originally wrote 'YOU AND TEQUILA' it was never intended to be a series, it was strictly a stand alone book. However, many people have asked for a sequel because they want to know what happens next. I have an idea in mind for a second book (in fact I've written a prologue and a couple chapters already) but I'm not sure if I should write the rest. You see, in order for there to be another book there needs to be conflict (otherwise what's the point) and I don't know that I want Cassel to have any more drama in her life. She's already gone through so much, I'd like to think that the way Y&T ends is her Happily-Ever-After.

But at the same time, I'm interested in pleasing my fans too. If you guys sincerely want more, I'm willing to consider it. This next book would be written in dual points of view, so you would get to see more than just Cassel's take on things for a change, which could either be good or bad. Just know that the plot in my head is full of bumps and turns, and it would feature her brother, Jameson, in a VERY BIG way. Many fans seem to have strong feelings about him, despite the rather small role he actually plays in Y&T.

What's the point of this blog post? Glad you asked **wink, wink** I guess I'm looking for some feedback. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. What are your thoughts on the ending of 'You and Tequila'? Do you want to see more or are you happy to imagine the rest in your own mind? I'll be taking votes and making some considerations in the very near future.

I'm working to finish my third book right now (still untitled) but when this one is done then I'll need a new project to start. So if I get enough positive feedback about a sequel, perhaps that could be the next novel I complete.  I guess it is up to you guys, the fans, so let me know your thoughts and spread the word! More? Or No? Help me decide!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

**I Signed on the Dotted Line**...

I'm thrilled to announce I signed a publishing contract for my New Adult Contemporary Romance, ABOVE PAR, with Etopia Press! {{Happy Dance}}

More details and teasers to come in the near future!!! I promise! Be sure to like my Facebook Page so you can stay up to date on the latest release news!

See, I told you I had a fun secret to share... PHEW! So glad to finally get that off my chest!!! I'm terrible at keeping good information to myself, especially something as amazing as this. Time to celebrate before all the hard work and editing begins!
Thank you to Etopia Press and to all my friends, family, and fans for believing in me and pushing me to grow and learn as a writer! You guys are THE BEST!
~~3 Fun ways to FOLLOW and LIKE me to stay informed~~

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**Giveaway** Win a COACH bag from Reading Renee...

The fabulous and always generous Renee Giraldy of Reading Renee Reviews is hosting yet another fantastic giveaway. Trust me, with only a few days left to enter you do NOT want to miss out on this one! Up for grabs (among other things) are books, swag, and even a Coach Ashley Satchel bag. You could even win a Kindle copy and bookmarks for my contemporary romance, You and Tequila. Good luck!!!

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Monday, July 29, 2013

***Winner Announcement & Pictures***...

Congrats to Lisa Ann S. and Joanne B. for winning my '32 Years of Wonderful' giveaway! Check your emails for a special message!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest and helped me celebrate my birthday! Even though I had to work, my AMAZING coworkers made it a day to remember with flowers, cake, and treats of all kinds! I'm a VERY lucky girl! ♥♥♥

I've also decided to extend the 99¢ SALE for YOU AND TEQUILA through the end of the month thanks to the enormous response. So spread the word and grab your copy before the price goes back up!


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WiLoveBooks: Review: You and Tequila by Crystal Donahue

WiLoveBooks: Review: You and Tequila by Crystal Donahue: You and Tequila

Have you seen WiLoveBooks' fabulous review of You and Tequila yet? Click the link above and check it out and show them some blog love while you're at it!

Only 3 Days Left to Enter...

Have you entered my '32 Years of Wonderful' contest yet?  If not you better hurry, time is running out! If so, remember to tweet and share on Facebook daily for more chances to win. There are Amazon gift cards at stake, for crying out loud! Click, enter, win!

And don't forget the Kindle edition of my novel, You and Tequila, is on SALE for ONLY 99¢ through 7/28/13. Don't miss your chance to get 354 pages of addictive reading for the low low price of ninety-nine pennies!

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**99¢ SALE** on YOU AND TEQUILA Kindle Edition...

I was gong to wait until closer to my birthday, but I'm ridiculously impatient.  It's true, just ask my friends, they'll confirm everything. So to celebrate my upcoming birthday, I'm placing the Kindle Edition of You and Tequila on SALE from now through Sunday, July 28th for only ninety-nine cents!  What a bargain! Snatch up your own copy today and then gift another to that special romance reading friend in your life!

Still on the fence and not sure it's right for you? Well why not read what these trusted blog reviewers had to say about You and Tequila during my book tour last month. They read dozens of books each year and aren't afraid to say how they REALLY feel!

Friday, June 28, 2013

32 Years of Wonderful!!! ***Give-a-way***

On July 28th I'm turning **gasp** 32 years old... I'm frequently told how young I look but I promise you it's true!  (That doesn't mean you have to stop telling me though **wink wink**)  Anyone that knows me well knows that I LOVE birthdays, especially my own!  So to celebrate the big occasion (and an amazing 32 years so far) I'm giving YOU the gifts this year.  Read on for more details...

How to Enter: 
Enter the '32 Years of WONDERFUL' give-a-way by using the Rafflecopter widget below between now and 12AM CST on 7/29/13.  Everyone gets one FREE entry but you can earn extra chances to win by doing fun things like following me on Facebook, Goodreads or Twitter!

And don't forget to Tweet or Share about the contest daily!

Enter today for your chance to win 1 of 2 Amazon Gift Cards!  Two lucky entries will each win a $10 Amazon GC via email to use as they please.

Anyone can enter who is able to receive a digital gift card from Amazon US.  Winners will be verified and announced on or before 8/1/13 and contacted via email. If you have any additional questions - feel free to email me!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Need something to help kill the time between now and the end of the give-a-way?  Check out my contemporary romance, YOU AND TEQUILA.  It is currently available for $2.99 NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY 99¢.  I've been told by many that it is addictive... but I'll let you be the judge of that!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Tour in Review...

First, I want to thank all of the wonderful bloggers that featured and reviewed YOU AND TEQUILA during my Tasty Review Tour.  Your thoughts and insights are invaluable to me!  Next, I'd like to thank the lovely and super dedicated Lisa Filipe of Tasty Book Tours for coordinating the event.  I highly recommend her to any romance author out there looking to book a tour!  And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank all the readers and fans that followed, commented, and entered right along with us.

Thank you!

To summarize and wrap-up the tour, I thought I'd post about how it all went.  Pretty darn, well, if you ask me (and since this is MY blog then you kinda did).  Here are all the review links again incase you missed one and would like to read it, share some blog love, and/or comment. I also copied a few short quotes from each stop.  Sometimes it was REALLY hard narrowing them down because there were so many wonderful things said about You and Tequila!  I Highly recommend you click the links and read them in their entirety!

Stop #1:  A Passion for Romance
--- "You and Tequila...what a good book and a catchy title!"
--- "This was yet another one I had to read straight through."
--- "Earns my 4 stars for amazing!!!!!"

Stop #2:  Deal Sharing Aunt
--- "This is not your average love triangle."
--- "I liked this book because the plot was different."

Stop #3:  Falling in Fall
--- "You and Tequila was one of the best books I have read in a while!"
--- "It is also because the love in this book is one that every girl in the world would love to have."
--- "This is definitely one of those books that when you reach the end, you are very sad, not because the story is sad but because it is over."

Stop #4:  Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More
--- "The story line itself definitely grabbed my attention."
--- "I wanted to know how things would be resolved, and loved the dialogue between the characters."
--- "You and Tequila kept me intrigued and turning the pages."

Stop #5:  Queen of the Night Reviews
--- "A quirky, occasionally funny and emotionally angst filled contemporary romance, You and Tequila is definitely best served with lime."
--- "The scenes between Cassel and Will are full of snappy dialogue, and lots of emotional and sexual tension."
--- "I enjoyed it and I think you will too."

Stop #6:  Busy Moms Book Reviews
--- "First I didn't rate this book because I currently have a love/frustration thing going on with it, I may rate it when I read it next time but for now I just can't decide."
--- "Will was a stand up guy, the scene with Cassel's niece was really sweet."
--- "This book was a frustrating but good read."

Stop #7:  Romance Bookworm's Reviews
--- "I really enjoyed these characters and the relationships that developed.  I liked Cass and the book was so realistic to me."
--- "Sometimes you read a book and it is baseless fiction, then comes along a book that seems so real that you pause and think of those around you that this could be based on.
--- "I loved it and will be keeping this author on my watch list."

Stop #8:  Illustrious Illusions
--- "It will manage to make you laugh, curse at the characters, and maybe even make you think about things that have happened in your own life."
--- "I really enjoyed the realism of the story and situations that Cass went through."
--- "You and Tequila is a story that I do recommend to anyone."

Stop #9:  3 Partners in Shopping
--- "I give this book a 5/5."

Stop #10:  Reading is My Time Out
--- "You and Tequila is a charming, sexy story that I thoroughly enjoyed!!"
--- "I give You and Tequila 4 Stars on the knock my socks off scale!"
--- "You and Tequila is a MUST read... 1-Click STAT!"

Have you bought  your copy yet?  If not you're missing out!  You and Tequila is currently available through e-book form with Amazon Kindle and Nook!  Do you like the feel of a good book in your hands?  No problem, order your paperback copy today!

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She's Done it Again! **Giveaway** Courtesy of Reading Renee...

Check it out, Renee Giraldy has gone and done it again!  She's hosting yet another SUPER FUN You & Tequila giveaway on her blog, Reading Renee Reviews!  Thanks, girlie!

Stop by the blog to show your gratitude for this awesome give-a-way.  Then make sure to enter to WIN an e-copy of You and Tequila and this ADORABLE metal bookmark!  And don't forget to check out her reviews and other contests while you're there too!  I've added several books to my TBR shelf based on  her recommendations and she hasn't steered me wrong yet!

Enter HERE:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to click the button to share this contest on Facebook and Twitter!

I'm so very blessed to have such wonderfully supportive friends out there in the reading/writing world! Thank you all for your continued support!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Y&T is Now Touring **Enter to Win an Amazon GC**...

Are you following along with the You and Tequila blog tour going on RIGHT NOW?  If not, you should!  Come see what everyone is saying about Cassel, Will, Dane, Parker, and Tina and enter for your chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

The tour will be hopping around the blogosphere to a different stop (or two) each day from Monday, May 20th through Friday, May 31st.  These amazing and generous blog hosts have all personally read You and Tequila and will be sharing their intimate thoughts, good or bad, with the rest of us!  Come see what these trusted reviewers have to say and show them some love!

Monday, May 20th- A Passion for Romance
   --- "Earns my 4 stars for amazing!!!!!"
Tuesday, May 21st- Deal Sharing Aunt
   --- "This is not your average love triangle."
                   (Stop 2) Falling in Fall
   --- "You and Tequila was one of the best books I have read in a while!"
Wednesday, May 22nd- Storm Goddess Book Reviews
   --- "You and Tequila kept me intrigued and turning the pages."
Thursday, May 23rd- Queen of the Night Reviews
   --- "I enjoyed it and I think you will too."
Friday, May 24th- Busy Moms Book Reviews
    --- "This book was a frustrating but good read."

Week 2:
Monday, May 27th- Romance Bookworm
   --- "I loved it and will be keeping this author on my watch list."
Tuesday, May 28th- Illustrious Illusions
   --- "I really enjoyed the realism of the story and situations that Cass went through."
Wednesday, May 29th- 3 Partners in Shopping
   --- "I give this book a 5/5."
Thursday, May 30th- Reading is my Time Out
   --- "You and Tequila is a MUST read... 1-Click STAT!"

Check back frequently for updates!  In addition to the tour, feel free to comment on this post as well with your thoughts and questions and I'll do my best to answer them for you!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

**Give-a-Way** Courtesy of Reading Renee Reviews....

I ♥ Renee Giraldy! Check out this SUPER FUN You & Tequila giveaway she's hosting on her blog, Reading Renee Reviews! Isn't this metal book marker with the tequila and book cover charms super adorable? I just LOVE it!

Stop by her blog, show her some love, and enter to WIN!  And don't forget to check out her  reviews and other contests while you're there too!  I've added many a book to my TBR shelf based on  her recommendations and so far I've loved them all.

Click HERE to enter! (The Rafflecopter entry box is on the RIGHT side of the page near the top.)

Thank you so very much, Renee, for creating and hosting this give-a-way!  I'm truly in awe of your kindness and generosity... not to mention your creativity!  Your continued support means so much to me!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

**SALE** Kindle Edition of Y&T only $0.99....

To celebrate the end of this crazy-long semester, I'm placing the Kindle Edition of You and Tequila on SALE from now through Sunday, May 12th for only ninety-nine cents!  What a bargain!  And just in time for Mother's Day too... snatch up your own copy and then gift another to that special Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Cousin, or Friend in your life today!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Placing Pen to Paper...

...or rather fingers to keyboard.  I've been on a writing kick again lately, which is both good and bad.  Good because I LOVE writing and creating something from thin air that I can later share with the world.  Bad because I tend to neglect pretty much everything else that I should be doing instead.  Just ask my cat, Brownie, she's currently laying on the floor giving me the stink eye as I type this blog post.  She's come to equate the laptop with forgotten feedings and a severe lack of snuggles and petting.  Hence the reason I've given my son the "chore" of feeding and watering her, he's my "don't starve the cat" back up plan.  This kid will do ANYTHING for a dollar.  Pretty nifty on my part, huh?  I thought so.

Have you seen all the wonderful reviews that have been rolling in about You and Tequila on and  It is both exhilarating and humbling at the same time!  Thank you all for your continued support through sales, follows, and reviews!  You guys are THE BEST!

Also, at the end of this month I will be attending a friend's wedding and the groom's aunt is a staple in the romance author world...I was told (but can't confirm) that she wants to read my book before we meet.  I'm excited in a nervous sort of way!  *If* we do end up meeting/talking as planned I hope to post a pic if she'll let me drool all over her indulge me, so stay tuned for that update after Memorial Day!

In other news I only have 8 more days until I am done with school... eight, how crazy is that?  Of course within this 1 week + 1 day time span I have a killer of a test on approximately 70 different diseases, and 2 finals left to take.  Oh, and 6 hours worth of "pre-graduation let's see how likely you are to pass the NCLEX" proctored testing... so yeah, good times.  In all honesty, I should be studying right now but it has been awhile since I updated (and I'm procrastinating) so I thought I would touch base with you fine folks first.

What else is new?  Well, I'm getting VERY excited about the upcoming Blog Tour for You and Tequila running May 20th through May 31st with Tasty Book Tours.  Make sure to follow along with all the stops to see what everyone is saying about Y&T and to enter for your chance to win an Amazon Gift Card!

Wow, I started this post off thinking I had nothing to share and now, reading back, I see there is soooo much going on.  Stay tuned, there will be more updates soon... in the mean time, please feel free to leave a comment with a question or two that you would like answered about me, my book, what I'm currently working on, or something you're just curious about!  I'll do my best to answer them all!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3 Ways to Win...

Have you entered all three You and Tequila give-a-ways that are currently running?  No?! Well why not?  Are you insane?  Just teasing, but seriously, click the links below to enter to win FREE stuff... as in at absolutely, 100%, no cost to you!  What's better than free?  Absolutely nothing!  So get to entering folks!

In order of expiration...
(1) Enter to win a signed paperback copy of You and Tequila from yours truly...

(2) Enter win a free Kindle edition of You and Tequila and a super cute notepad from Reading Renee's Book Review Blog...

(3) Enter to win 1 of 5 paperback copies of You and Tequila through Goodreads...

Goodreads Book Giveaway

You and Tequila by Crystal Donahue

You and Tequila

by Crystal Donahue

Giveaway ends May 10, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win
Simply can't wait that long for a copy?  I feel ya there... you can always order your own copy now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!  And don't forget to rate it honestly when you're done, your thoughts might just help another reader decide if it is right for them!  So spread the love!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


The awesome and very generous Renee Giraldy is holding a FUN give-a-way on her site to help celebrate the release of my book, You and Tequila. Stop by her blog, enter to win, and show her some LOVE!

Aren't these adorable notepads just too cute for words?  It's too bad I can't enter cause I LOVE them... but lucky for you, you still can!  Plus you get an e-copy of my book on top of it, SCORE!  Hurry over there today for your chance to win!

CLICK HERE to enter and to see all her give-a-ways!
A HUGE thank you to Renee for hosting this give-a-way and for all that you do in helping to honor and promote authors everywhere!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


To celebrate You and Tequila being available in print form, I'm giving one lucky reader a FREE signed copy of their very own.  To enter you must like my author page on Facebook and come back here to fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below.  Don't forget to tweet about the contest daily for an extra chance to win!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

✮✮✮✮✮ 5 Star Review...

Book review blogger Reading Renee has given You and Tequila 5 out of 5 stars!  Stop by her blog and show her some love or check her out on Goodreads to see what she has to say!  And don't forget to buy your copy today!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Paper Format?...

Well, due to frequent requests, I'm looking into making You and Tequila available in paper format through Createspace.  I ordered a few proof copies for review and then I'll make my decision on whether or not to go ahead with it, so we shall see.  But either way I will probably do a give-a-way of one of the proofs to a lucky blog reader, so check back soon for your chance to win!

In other news, things are quickly getting lined up for the Review Tour that is coming up at the end of May. I will update more as it gets closer. I'm very excited to be teaming up with Lisa Filipe at Tasty Book Tours for this awesome event!  There are only a few spots open so if you're a book review blogger and are interested in hosting for the event contact Lisa right away!

Happy Reading Everyone!

Monday, April 1, 2013

***SALE*** Today Only!....

NO FOOLIN'!!!  For one day only, in honor of the amazing NEW book cover for my Kindle Edition e-book, You and Tequila, is only $0.99.  Get your copy NOW before time runs out!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Book Cover...

I am absolutely giddy with excitement to reveal the NEW book cover for You and Tequila!  Thanks to the not-so-gentle-but-very-much-appreciated nudging from Lisa Filipe and the creative mastermind by the very talented Lacey Wolfe my book is now sporting a brand spanking new cover.  Isn't it pretty?  I love love love it!  Thanks ladies for all of your hard work and patience.

So what do you think?  It's a vast improvement over the original cover and definately a keeper right? 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reading Renee...

Just got an email (and a Tweet) today letting me know that Reading Renee purchased a copy of my book, You and Tequila, for review.  I realize it will take her a while to get to it and through it... but I'm still stoked that she even considered little 'ol me for review.  Stop by her site, peek around, and show her some love!  I'll post again once I know the review is up.  I can't wait to hear/see her thoughts!  Happy Reading to All!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Apparently this plague cold I've caught is going to my head because I've decided to offer everyone a great deal on my book.....

You and Tequila is now on SALE for $0.99 for a limited time only!  Get your copy today before the cold medicine wears off and I return to my good senses!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Say What?....

Check out what other people are saying about You and Tequila on  New comments and customer ratings are being added every day!

Also, for ONE DAY ONLY Hopeless by Colleen Hoover is on sale for $0.99!  Don't miss out on this great deal by a relatively new author!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Enter to Win a Free Copy of You and Tequila...

Congratulations to the winner of a FREE copy of You and Tequila:  Rosanne M.  Look for an email with more information.

Thank you to everyone that entered!


Want a chance to win a FREE copy of my new contemporary romance Kindle Edition e-book, You and Tequila?  Well now's your chance!  Enter using the Rafflecopter link/app below!  After completing the mandatory entry, you can earn additional entries to increase your odds of winning!

One lucky winner will win a copy of my book provided as an Amazon Gift by Email.  Good luck!

Available now on!

Read what others are saying about You and Tequila HERE.

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Welcome One and All...

Welcome friends, new and old, to my new writing Blog.  I started this just today to keep my personal life and writing life seperate... we'll see how well that goes over time though, I sorta suck at that usually.  Please be patient as I work to get this up and running while also balancing work and school. 

I recently published my first Kindle Edition e-novel, You and Tequila, on  Searchable by my name, Crystal Donahue, or just click the link provided.

Don't have a Kindle? No problem, you can download the FREE Kindle App here for your computer, phone, or tablet and read that way!

You and Tequila is a contemporary romance about Cassel Baily and Will Tanner, two friends that sleep together after a night at the bar and all the awkwardness and drama that ensues afterwards when relationships morph and change.  For a full description and a sample visit HERE.