Tuesday, October 15, 2013

**Easily Distracted**....

Well, the goal for the day was to study by butt off so that tonight I could write another chapter in my current Work In Progress (WIP).  Not only does writing help me de-stress, but I have a new idea for a possible series that I've been kicking around and in order to get started on that I need to first finish the book I'm currently writing. I don't even know how to describe what I'm working on at the moment, it's a New Adult Romance but beyond that I'm not sure how to explain it, perhaps my Beta Readers will be able to help me with that...and a title too since that's one of the hardest parts for me (next to coming up with character names). Maybe when I'm done I'll give you guys a sneak peek! ;-)

So how did my studying plan go? Not so well, in fact, it was pretty much a big fat fail on my part!

It wasn't entirely my fault though, it started out innocently enough. See, I noticed that the front brakes on my van are making a grinding noise which isn't good at all. So I went over and talked to my Grandpa about it, he called "his guy" (Grandpas ALWAYS know 'A Guy') and he's going to look at it tomorrow morning for me. This of course prompted me to go clean out my van cause it was littered with old receipts, half-drank water bottles, and take-out napkins.

Next thing I know I'm on this crazy cleaning kick. I suddenly NEEDED to sort through the stack of old newspapers and other random fliers on my counter, and those four loads of laundry that I've managed to live without for a couple weeks HAD to be washed NOW! What's a girl to do?

Okay, so I'm basically making excuses, but I seriously never intended to clean. The day just sort of got away from me. As I was finishing up one task I would notice something else that I was just going to do "real quick" and then it snowballed. So on the one hand my house is now a little cleaner and (thanks to the wonderful scent of my fabric softener) smells a little nicer, but on the other hand I now need to buckle down and study even harder the rest of the week.  Only 15 more days until my big licensing exam, so there's no time to waste...well, no MORE time to waste.

Needless to say, I will not be writing tonight. Instead I'm about to crack open the books and get busy reviewing all things nursing related. Wish me luck! Have a wonderful evening and read something fun for me since I'm stuck in studying limbo until further notice!

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