Sunday, December 22, 2013

**NEW RELEASE - Watcher of Worlds** & Give-a-way....

Need a GREAT new fantasy read this Christmas? Check out my friend Brinda's newest YA release, WATCHER OF WORLDS. This is one you don't want to pass up! Read the excerpt and blurb below then go 1-Click this book STAT!!!

Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway posted at the bottom of the page could win a Kindle and other great prizes just for following amazing authors and bloggers just like Brinda.

Watcher of Worlds
By Brinda Berry
Whispering Woods Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-941133-00-2

Senior year should bring fun, friends and happiness. Not portals, treachery, and murder.

Seventeen-year-old Mia Taylor, gatekeeper to an interdimensional portal, wants nothing more than to heal from her romance gone wrong. Illegally falling for her co-worker Regulus had been a huge mistake. But when Regulus goes rogue to hunt down a murderer, Mia must forget her broken heart and use her unique abilities to save him. Traveling across dimensions, she enters a strange and hostile world where a rebel faction holds the key to their escape. Her gift of synesthesia is in high demand, and a secret organization of the otherworldly kind has her in their sights. But sabotage and murder may be the least of her worries. Her ex-boyfriend wants a relationship. Her dad wants her to act normal. Her friends want her to stop moping. Who knew faking happy would be the easiest part of senior year?


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I detested planned surprises.

I could read the expectation in the air from the shimmery orange vibe that glowed like a Cheetos binge gone bad.

A few months ago, my friends had discovered my secret. The secret I’d hidden so teachers and doctors wouldn’t treat me like an amped up sensory perception freak. So friends wouldn’t ask.

Synesthesia. The condition sounded like the name of an electronic punk band. I’d made the full round of emotions about my sensory perception and being able to find portals. First, I’d hid it like you hide an ugly rash. Later, I’d learned to trust my friends with my secret. I’d even embraced it.

Now, I was back to wishing for normal.

Working with Regulus and Arizona was like playing Pop Goes the Weasel—a surprise around every corner. And did I mention I hate surprises?

Give me predictable any day. Then I could be ready. It’s why I made sure I knew the contents of every box under the Christmas tree.



Brinda Berry is the author of The Waiting Booth (Whispering Woods #1),Whisper of Memory (Whispering Woods #2), and  Watcher of Worlds (Whispering Woods #3). She also contributed a short story to the anthology, Wild at Heart, Vol II.

Currently working in higher education administration, she spends her days thinking of ways to improve education for college students. Brinda spends her nights devising exciting tales that involve teens who might be saving the world.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

My book, ABOVE PAR, is LIVE....

My sweet, New Adult romance is now LIVE on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Get your copy today!


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Drew's life just got a whole lot harder. Her relationships are falling apart, her little sister is failing math, and her parents are leaving for Florida to take care of Grandpa. Now not only does she have to play surrogate parent, study to graduate from her last semester of college, and deal with the looming threat of full-on adulthood, she has to do it all while running the family's mini-golf course by herself. Even the upbeat Drew is starting to feel like she just drove her ball down the unfairway.

Her luck takes a turn when she meets Weston, the snarky geometry teacher. He's smart, capable, dependable, and handsome—a real hole in one. But even Weston has a few hazards of his own. Now Drew will have to decide whether his secret is the wedge that drives them apart, or pushes them together.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Add "ABOVE PAR" to your Goodreads List...

My new book, "ABOVE PAR" releases December 20th! You can now add it to your Goodreads To-Read list!

(Full description COMING SOON!)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

An "ABOVE PAR" Giveaway...

My sweet, romantic comedy, "ABOVE PAR" released December 20th with Etopia Press. To celebrate the launch I'm hosting An 'Above Par' Giveaway.


Together with 18 of my very generous author and blogger friends, we're giving away over 40 amazing prizes. There's everything from e-books, gift cards, and a Kindle E-Reader.

Enter now for your chance win using the Rafflecopter Form below! And don't forget you can Tweet about the giveaway daily for even more chances to WIN!

The contest runs from 12AM CST on 12/6/13 to 11:59 PM CST on 1/11/14 and is open to all US Residents 18 years or older.

Good luck!

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