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**REVIEW TOUR - Above Par** and Giveaway...

My sweet, romantic comedy, ABOVE PAR, is going on tour January 27th through February 7th and you're invited to join in the fun! Pick up your copy, follow along, read the reviews, and enter daily for your chance to win a $20 Amazon or B&N gift card.

(Click the links to read the FULL reviews and to enter the giveaway.)
Jan 27th- Wonderful World of Imagination **Review**
-- "Pretty enjoyable read!"
-- "If you want to read something sweet, something that will bring smile on your face, this book is right choice for you."
-- "I like how the author brings the relationship between Drew and Weston, they slowly slipping into their lives, and the way their relationship is gradually built, it was very well written."

Jan 28th- A Tasty Read Book Reviews **Review**
-- "A New Adult without all the angst....YAY!!  What a great romance Crystal Donahue has here."
-- "ABOVE PAR was part sweet, with a splash of sexy and a whole lotta romance."
-- "Crystal Donahue does a fabulous job at keeping us hanging on like a teenage girl to her first bad-boy crush.  But didn't DRAGGGGGG out the drama, it was a smooth ride the whole way through, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride!"
-- "Highly recommended read from A Tasty Read and I will be on the lookout for more by Crystal Donahue in the future."

Jan 29th- 3 Partners in Shopping **Spotlight**
Thanks for featuring my book on your site!

Jan 30th- WiLoveBooks **Spotlight**
(WiLoveBooks previously reviewed ABOVE PAR on 12/23/13)
-- "I just flew right through this book."
-- "It was a sweet and fun read."
-- "If you are looking for a book that is just really sweet and a lot of fun to read, I recommend."

Jan 31st- Rage, Sex and Teddy Bears **Review**
-- "Well finally, a new adult romance that didn’t leave me feeling suicidal."
-- "The story itself read quickly and smoothly, there were also a couple of really intriguing secondary characters that deserved further exploration. "
-- "My final take is that I'm glad I broadened my horizons a bit, and got to spend time with Drew and Wes, even Piper turned out to be likeable."

Feb 3rd- Storm Goddess Book Reviews **Review**
-- "I totally enjoyed Above Par! Drew was a fun character and I loved all her layers."
-- "Ahh! I loved these two. I love that they are learning about each other and not jumping into bed."
-- "Above Par is an easy, delightful read, and I could see myself pulling this one off the e-shelf for a re-read sometime."
-- "She pulled me in right away with the story and I didn't want any distractions while trying to finish."

Feb 4th- Reading Bliss **Review**
-- "I really enjoyed this book, it was a cute read."
-- "This book was fun and an easy read. I loved the flow of the characters. Drew’s character really develops in this story."
-- "It’s nice to read a story about average people in love. I really liked this book. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars!"

Feb 5th-Readers Realm **Review**
-- "A heartwarming, feel-good read."
-- "But secrets abound in this love story. Can a relationship begin on the thin ice of lies, or will fall through before things even get started?"
-- "This is a fast paced, easy read. Very fun. Very Cute."

Feb 6th- Racing to Read **Review**
-- "I really enjoyed this story as Drew and Weston were both great characters."
-- "The whole cast of characters make this a delight to read. There is love, drama, friendship and so much more wrapped up in this book."
-- "The ending is a perfect fit for the book and I will look forward to more by this author."

Feb 7th-Book Freak **Review**
-- "WHAT IS THE COMPLICATION? THE STRINGS? THE SECRET? These are basically the driving force for me to go through the novel. Not to mention the sexual tension they keep on ignoring and setting aside."
-- "WHEN? WHEN are you going to finally do it? :D I think my Kindle would burst in anticipation – but the wait was worth it. Because Crystal apparently saved the best for last.
-- " I enjoyed reading ABOVE PAR – it was sweet, romantic, and easy on the heart

Thank you to these amazing bloggers for hosting me and taking the time to read and review my book! And thank you to all my fans for following along and being a part of the tour!

Happy Reading,
Crystal Donahue

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**NEW RELEASE - Arranged Love** Review and Giveaway...

Looking for something to keep you warm on a cold winter night? Author Lacey Wolfe has a spicy new contemporary romance releasing today with Beachwalk Press. Learn more about 'ARRANGED LOVE' below, including my 4.5 STAR Review. And don't forget to scroll down and enter her giveaway!


Book Title:
Arranged Love by Lacey Wolfe

Book Blurb:
They think they’re fooling their parents, but really, the joke’s on them.

Kayla Ames’s parents could win an award in meddling. Every time she turns around, they’re setting her up with someone new. Try as she might, she can’t convince them to butt out of her love life.

Ryan Newell isn’t looking for love. After having his heart torn to shreds by his ex, he’s determined to never again fall in love and leave himself that vulnerable to being hurt. His parents, however, believe he just needs some help finding the right woman, and their friends’ daughter, Kayla, might be a perfect match.

Realizing they both have the same problem—parents who won’t stop nagging them about finding a partner—Ryan and Kayla agree to an arrangement of sorts. All they have to do is pretend to date, and they don’t even have to see each other, they can discuss the details of their “dates” via email. But then the email conversations lead to real dates, and Kayla finds herself struggling to keep her feelings for Ryan in check as he’s made it clear love will not enter into the equation for him. Then Kayla’s parents suddenly announce they’re getting a divorce, and she begins to wonder if maybe Ryan has the right idea.

When it all gets to be too much for Kayla, she has a hard decision to make—agree to stay with Ryan and never experience love, or walk away for her chance to find it.


Buy Links: AmazonBarnes & Noble | All Romance


Leaning forward, Kayla grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. It was early still and since she wasn't tired, sleep wasn't an option. She could go out again. Maybe call a friend to go to a club or something. Or she could go back to the bar from last night…no, no she couldn't.

If she went out though, she'd have to change. And she was really comfortable. She grabbed the remote again, and as the TV turned on, she swore she heard someone tap on her door. Was Bunny chewing on something she shouldn't be?

Kayla got off the couch, but saw the rabbit had taken a corner and was lying there, far away from the front door. She peeked through the peephole and, to her surprise, she saw Doug, or whatever his name was. Why was he there? And what was he carrying in his hands?

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door. "Hi."

"It's nice to see you again." He smiled an oh-so-sexy grin. "Your parents sent me with food. They insisted I get this to you right away."

"They did, huh?"

He held the bag out to her and she took it. "Could I come in?"

She sucked in her bottom lip and weighed her choices. Send him away and be done with this, or see what he wants. What did she have to lose? "Sure."

Doug brushed past her into her house. She stood back a moment, watching him as he glanced around and then finally took a seat on her couch. Kayla joined the mystery man in the living room, tossing the bag of food on the coffee table as she sat on the love seat opposite of the couch he was on. Her stomach rumbled as she inhaled the aroma from the bag now sitting on the coffee table.

"So, what brings you by, besides the food?" she asked, and quickly added, "Please tell me your real name as well. It's only fair since you know mine."

"Kayla, and it's a lovely name. Mine is actually Ryan. Ryan Newell." He took a moment to rub his temple and proceeded. "Obviously, our parents are interested in us hooking up."

Hooking up…they'd covered that already. "I'm sorry. My parents are a bit over the top."

"I'd have to agree. Yours are a little worse than mine. Usually my parents leave me alone, but with your folks, it was like they were double-teaming me. They feel very strongly about you and I getting to know one another."

"Figures. I'd say we accomplished that in a way they probably weren't wanting."

He grinned again. Her heart fluttered. She needed to pack this man up and get him out of there.

"Why don't we give them what they want?"

What did he say? He couldn't really want to go along with them. "Excuse me."

"Let's date, for them. It'll get them to leave us alone."

She laughed. He wasn't serious, was he? "Brilliant plan, but I'll pass for now."

"Just hear me out. I'm not looking to fall in love. But if we pretend to be dating, our parents won't try to set us up anymore. We don't even have to see one another. We can discuss our dates and be on the same page with our stories."

"Wait." She held her hand up, staring at the dark-haired man that made her stomach do summersaults. "You're saying we aren't going to actually date. We never have to see one another. But our parents will think we are."

He nodded.

"I'm in." Kayla shrugged. "What could go wrong?"


My Review:

4.5 Stars for Arranged Love!  It is a fun, quick read that's more spicy than sweet. I enjoyed this story of family pressures and crazed exes. Ryan and Kayla pretend to date to get their parents off their backs, and even move in together to keep up the charade, but they end up with feelings for each other in the process. Seems perfect right? Wrong! Ryan no longer believes in love after having his heart stomped in the past, or does he? And Kayla has to decide if she's willing to settle for what he's offering, sex and companionship but nothing more. I thought the situation with Ryan's ex was played out extremely well, it could've gone over-the-top easily but it didn't. This one kept me turning the pages like mad! I only wish that the story had been expanded and the characters fleshed out a tad. There is a lot of emotions, conflict, and outside influences here. It would've been wonderful to see that explored in greater depth. Overall, a good book that's worth picking up! I recommend!

Find Lacey Wolfe Online:  FacebookTwitter / Website 


Giveaway courtesy of the author:

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**NEW RELEASE - The Eye Unseen** and Giveaway...

My incredibly talented writing pal, Cynthia Tottleben, has a new release out, THE EYE UNSEEN. This horror book is one that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It's not for the faint of heart...or the hater of chickens! Scroll down to learn more.

Early reviews have compared Tottleben to Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Is there any better compliment than that? I think not!

As part of our writing/critique group I had the pleasure of reading this long before JournalStone Publishing picked it me, it's FANTASTIC! I can't say enough good things about it or the wonderful author that I now call a friend!

I loved it sooo much I'm giving away an e-copy to one lucky winner, enter below!

Book Title:
The Eye Unseen by Cynthia Tottleben

     Paperback:    $16.95
     Electronic:    $6.00

Book Blurb:
Lucy Tew’s life is a labyrinth of darkness.

She has no food, no water, and a mother who can’t wait to test her axe on Lucy’s neck. Locked in her room for weeks on end, with only her dog Tippy for companionship, Lucy faces hours stacked like corpses as days dwindle to little more than watching corn wither in the fields and animals stir within it.

But they aren’t the only ones aware of Lucy’s predicament.

Inside the house, the very walls come alive as Lucy flounders with sanity. A stranger appears to lead Lucy through her darkest days, but is he the savior she craves? He revels in the turmoil that shadows him. His old relationship with her mother will soon rekindle. And his name is so obscene, no one dares utter it.

Except for the one that calls him Father.

BUY LINKS:  Amazon / B&N / JournalStone

About the Author:
Cynthia has been writing almost as long as she could talk. As a child, Cynthia illustrated and authored a series of books based on Homer the Grasshopper. Since then her work has grown much darker and her characters incredibly disturbed. She loves exploring the lives of women straddling that fine line between sanity and the bleak world on the other side. Sometimes she finds that world very tempting herself.

Cynthia currently resides in small town USA with her six cats, a beautiful black lab, and the humans that make up her family.
Find Cynthia Tottleben online: Facebook / Twitter
Enter to win an E-copy of THE EYE UNSEEN:

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**NEW RELEASE - O'Mara and the Bone Tree** & Giveaway...

Like mysteries? Check out A.C. Haury's newest release, O'MARA AND THE BONE TREE, (Book 2 of the Elkhart Case File Novels). Early reviews tout this as the next big thing! Scroll down to read an excerpt and learn more. And don't forget to enter her giveaway below to win a copy!

Everybody in Elkhart has a secret and if they say they don't, they're lying. Three years have passed since Tristan Morrow returned home after her harrowing kidnapping ordeal with her former English teacher, Bernard Kendricks. A sense of peace has taken over the Morrow Manor, but it will not last forever. A killer of women is on the loose in Elkhart and has already claimed the lives of two young women. An investigation ensues and the murder scenes send Sergeant DiNolfo's mind spiraling back to a similar murder that happened exactly twenty years prior: The murder of Tiffany O'Mara.

Angie O'Mara is a 38-year old law assistant who has certainly seen better days. At the age of 18, she fled Elkhart after the murder of her sister and she never looked back, escaping a past that haunted her every waking moment. She settled in Seattle and married her boyfriend Jeremy, but she wouldn't get her happily-ever-after. On June 15, 2000, not only is her marriage over, but she finds herself homeless and unemployed. With her life in shambles, she finds herself back in the one place she spent her life running from, starting into the eyes of the one person who poisoned her dreams.
Will DiNolfo and her officers catch the killer before a third victim is claimed? When their three main suspects turn out to be innocent, the Elkhart Police Department is at a loss until a citizen comes forward with some crucial information: Tristan Morrow knows who is responsible for the murders. But does the information come too late? And how does this relate to the murder case of Tiffany O'Mara? Tristan soon learns that not even the dead can keep their secrets buried forever.

Only one thing is certain, though. The past has a way of catching up with you, and all secrets must come to light.

 BUY LINKS:  Amazon / B&N / Apple / Smashwords
Learn more about the Elkhart Files:

GIVEAWAY (Courtesy of A.C. Haury):

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**NEW RELEASE - Lights Of Aurora** & Giveaway...

Love reading fantasy? Looking for something new and exciting? Check out Lights Of Aurora by Theresa McClinton. For a limited time it's on SALE for just 99 cents!!! This is one YA book worth checking out!
Don't forget to scroll down for your chance to win some FABULOUS prizes!
Book title:  Lights Of Aurora, book 2 of The Stone Legacy Series

Book Blurb:

After the discovery of her ancient Maya bloodlines, eighteen-year-old Ashley Coreandero is faced with a daunting responsibility. She must protect the stone of Muuk’Ich while Sarian, the underworld general, relentlessly drives her to the brink of insanity.

As the winter solstice approaches, it brings an onslaught of unexpected side effects. Ashley must seize control over her supercharged powers, while dealing with the overwhelming suspicion that her boyfriend, Arwan, is hiding a secret so dark it could destroy them both.

With the arrival of a surprise houseguest, Ashley’s deepest fears about Arwan are confirmed. And when middleworld deities intercede, the group of gifted Maya descendants are confronted with hardships they never saw coming—including an enemy more deadly than they have ever faced.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned—but when that woman has no soul and a taste for revenge, they will need the powers of every surviving ancestor simply to stay alive.


A long time enthusiast of things that go bump in the night, Theresa began her writing career as a journalism intern—possibly the least creative writing field out there. After her first semester at a local newspaper, she washed her hands of press releases and feature articles to delve into the whimsical world of fiction.

Since then, Theresa has been married, had three terrific kids, moved to central Ohio, and has been repeatedly guilt tripped into adopting a menagerie of animals that are now members of the family. But don’t be fooled by her domesticated appearance. Her greatest love is travel. Having traveled to over a dozen countries—not to mention an extended seven-year stay in Kodiak, Alaska—she is anything but settled down. But wherever life brings her, Theresa will continue to weave tales of adventure and love with the hope her stories will bring joy and inspiration to her readers.

Coming Soon: 13th Street, Novella 2.5 of The Stone Legacy Series

Giveaway courtesy of Theresa McClinton:

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Follow the tour for even more chances to win!!!

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**NEW RELEASE - By Force** & Give-a-way....

The amazingly talented Sara Hubbard has a new NA Fantasy release out called 'By Force' with Etopia Press. Trust me, this is one you won't want to miss! Isn't her cover gorgeous? I love it! Learn more below and don't forget to enter her giveaway to win a $40 gift card to either Amazon or Kobo!


Title: By Force (Forever Fae I)
Genre: NA Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-940223-78-0


We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, though it was probably mere seconds. His ice-cold stare made me forget to breathe. I swallowed hard as his face inched closer to mine, and his stale breath on my skin made the hairs on my head prick up. Strands of his hair fell from his braids and lightly tickled my neck and face. I closed my eyes, preparing myself for what he would do next.


Kidnapping Isame would set them free…

Isame wanted freedom: the freedom to travel, the freedom to explore, but most of all, the freedom to choose the life she wanted over the life—and the husband—her parents had chosen for her. But when Isame leaves home to accept another man’s proposal, she happens across five fierce, handsome warriors. She wonders why they’ve travelled so far from home, but she never imagines their purpose might have something to do with her. Not even after they kidnap her.

Remmie is a man of honor and fierce loyalty. So when his king commands him to find a specific young woman on the island of Copaxa, he’s prepared to obey. But he’s not prepared for the woman to change everything. Isame is special. He can see it from the start. But how can one puny woman make him question everything he’s always known, including the rightness of doing what he’s promised?


Where to find By Force:


About the author:

Sara Hubbard is the author of romantic novels for both young adults and adults. Her debut novel BLOOD, SHE READ released fall 2012 and was a NEORWA Cleveland Rocks winner and a RCRW Duel on the Delta finalist. Sara lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her two children (four if you count her husband and her needy labradoodle) and works as a registered nurse with the military.


Find out more about Sara and her books here:

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