Monday, September 16, 2013

To Sequel or Not to Sequel, That is the Question...

I've been having an internal debate lately... When I originally wrote 'YOU AND TEQUILA' it was never intended to be a series, it was strictly a stand alone book. However, many people have asked for a sequel because they want to know what happens next. I have an idea in mind for a second book (in fact I've written a prologue and a couple chapters already) but I'm not sure if I should write the rest. You see, in order for there to be another book there needs to be conflict (otherwise what's the point) and I don't know that I want Cassel to have any more drama in her life. She's already gone through so much, I'd like to think that the way Y&T ends is her Happily-Ever-After.

But at the same time, I'm interested in pleasing my fans too. If you guys sincerely want more, I'm willing to consider it. This next book would be written in dual points of view, so you would get to see more than just Cassel's take on things for a change, which could either be good or bad. Just know that the plot in my head is full of bumps and turns, and it would feature her brother, Jameson, in a VERY BIG way. Many fans seem to have strong feelings about him, despite the rather small role he actually plays in Y&T.

What's the point of this blog post? Glad you asked **wink, wink** I guess I'm looking for some feedback. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. What are your thoughts on the ending of 'You and Tequila'? Do you want to see more or are you happy to imagine the rest in your own mind? I'll be taking votes and making some considerations in the very near future.

I'm working to finish my third book right now (still untitled) but when this one is done then I'll need a new project to start. So if I get enough positive feedback about a sequel, perhaps that could be the next novel I complete.  I guess it is up to you guys, the fans, so let me know your thoughts and spread the word! More? Or No? Help me decide!


  1. Well, since the night I stayed up all night reading Y&T I have been begging for a sequel!

    - Shaunnessy

  2. I'm torn. I always say I want a sequel but then almost 100% of the time I am disappointed because I liked the first one the best.