Sunday, March 30, 2014

Now What?...

It's been a while since I've updated much about what's going on writing-wise. For those that managed to miss it, 'ABOVE PAR', released in e-book form this past December. I'm told by the powers that be it's slated to release in paperback in May. I'll be sure to let you all know more when I do!

I also managed to finish the first draft of my next book. 'FULL PURSUIT' (I'm not sure about that name so it might change) is the story of Nicole Greyson, a girl that gets stuck planning her twin sister's wedding and Chase Crawford, the sexy cop that ends up being a thorn in her side....oh, and he's also the best man. I'm working on revisions now as I decide where to submit it for publication.

Up next will be a contemporary novella, 'FOUND AT SEA', that's inspired by my most recent cruise to the Caribbean. It will be marked off in days rather than chapters and be told in dual POV's. Chloe and Adam meet by chance, but outside influences push them together in this story of healing and overcoming fears.

After that will be another New Adult novel but this one's told from the male perspective (tentatively called 'CHARITY CASE'). It's about a guy that supported his mother and brother right out of high school and now has the chance to go to college but there's one small problem, the school lost his housing application. By the time the mistake is caught, there are no rooms left. An old friend introduces him to Jade, a pre-med student that takes him into her house. He's both fascinated and confused by the mystery that surrounds her and the people that frequent her third floor bedroom.

I'm also kicking around a follow up to, 'ABOVE PAR'. This book, told from Piper's perspective two years later, will be called 'TALK TO ME' and starts when she goes away to college (also at Western). A freshman with an undecided major, Piper, bumps into someone from her past she'd prefer never to see again. Of course, things never work out that way! And for those fans of the first book you'll be happy to know that since Drew works at the university, she'll have a few cameos too!

Well, I hope that gives you guys enough to salivate over for now. Work has been hectic (too many mandatory meetings and not enough days off) so my writing has slowed as a result. I look for that to change soon as we get more people hired.

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