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**REVIEW TOUR - Above Par** and Giveaway...

My sweet, romantic comedy, ABOVE PAR, is going on tour January 27th through February 7th and you're invited to join in the fun! Pick up your copy, follow along, read the reviews, and enter daily for your chance to win a $20 Amazon or B&N gift card.

(Click the links to read the FULL reviews and to enter the giveaway.)
Jan 27th- Wonderful World of Imagination **Review**
-- "Pretty enjoyable read!"
-- "If you want to read something sweet, something that will bring smile on your face, this book is right choice for you."
-- "I like how the author brings the relationship between Drew and Weston, they slowly slipping into their lives, and the way their relationship is gradually built, it was very well written."

Jan 28th- A Tasty Read Book Reviews **Review**
-- "A New Adult without all the angst....YAY!!  What a great romance Crystal Donahue has here."
-- "ABOVE PAR was part sweet, with a splash of sexy and a whole lotta romance."
-- "Crystal Donahue does a fabulous job at keeping us hanging on like a teenage girl to her first bad-boy crush.  But didn't DRAGGGGGG out the drama, it was a smooth ride the whole way through, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride!"
-- "Highly recommended read from A Tasty Read and I will be on the lookout for more by Crystal Donahue in the future."

Jan 29th- 3 Partners in Shopping **Spotlight**
Thanks for featuring my book on your site!

Jan 30th- WiLoveBooks **Spotlight**
(WiLoveBooks previously reviewed ABOVE PAR on 12/23/13)
-- "I just flew right through this book."
-- "It was a sweet and fun read."
-- "If you are looking for a book that is just really sweet and a lot of fun to read, I recommend."

Jan 31st- Rage, Sex and Teddy Bears **Review**
-- "Well finally, a new adult romance that didn’t leave me feeling suicidal."
-- "The story itself read quickly and smoothly, there were also a couple of really intriguing secondary characters that deserved further exploration. "
-- "My final take is that I'm glad I broadened my horizons a bit, and got to spend time with Drew and Wes, even Piper turned out to be likeable."

Feb 3rd- Storm Goddess Book Reviews **Review**
-- "I totally enjoyed Above Par! Drew was a fun character and I loved all her layers."
-- "Ahh! I loved these two. I love that they are learning about each other and not jumping into bed."
-- "Above Par is an easy, delightful read, and I could see myself pulling this one off the e-shelf for a re-read sometime."
-- "She pulled me in right away with the story and I didn't want any distractions while trying to finish."

Feb 4th- Reading Bliss **Review**
-- "I really enjoyed this book, it was a cute read."
-- "This book was fun and an easy read. I loved the flow of the characters. Drew’s character really develops in this story."
-- "It’s nice to read a story about average people in love. I really liked this book. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars!"

Feb 5th-Readers Realm **Review**
-- "A heartwarming, feel-good read."
-- "But secrets abound in this love story. Can a relationship begin on the thin ice of lies, or will fall through before things even get started?"
-- "This is a fast paced, easy read. Very fun. Very Cute."

Feb 6th- Racing to Read **Review**
-- "I really enjoyed this story as Drew and Weston were both great characters."
-- "The whole cast of characters make this a delight to read. There is love, drama, friendship and so much more wrapped up in this book."
-- "The ending is a perfect fit for the book and I will look forward to more by this author."

Feb 7th-Book Freak **Review**
-- "WHAT IS THE COMPLICATION? THE STRINGS? THE SECRET? These are basically the driving force for me to go through the novel. Not to mention the sexual tension they keep on ignoring and setting aside."
-- "WHEN? WHEN are you going to finally do it? :D I think my Kindle would burst in anticipation – but the wait was worth it. Because Crystal apparently saved the best for last.
-- " I enjoyed reading ABOVE PAR – it was sweet, romantic, and easy on the heart

Thank you to these amazing bloggers for hosting me and taking the time to read and review my book! And thank you to all my fans for following along and being a part of the tour!

Happy Reading,
Crystal Donahue

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